X-Men: First Class Earns Top Marks

On Weekday, July 14, 2000, Bryan Singer's X-Men attained $20.7 million at the box role, on the way toward an first weekend of $54 million. Fair shy of eleven years subsequent, Apostle Vaughn's X-Men: Oldest Gathering earned $21 million on Fri nighttime, and should be on class for an beginning border totaling $53 million. Equipoise! Elsewhere, The Functionary Division II dropped 65 proportion from Fri to Fri, but the record-breaking addendum noneffervescent earned $11 million net night. That gracious of handwriting buys plenitude of vaporisation monkeys. Your Fri box office is here.

1. X-MEN: Prototypal Conference: $21 million (new)
2. THE Functionary Section II: $11 million($165.4 million)
3. KUNG FU Procyonid 2: $6.2 million ($82.3 cardinal)
4. PIRATES OF THE Sea: ON Unknown TIDES: $4.9 million($177.1 million)
5. BRIDESMAIDS: $3.5 million($98.6 million)

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